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Those working with their hands (such as diesel mechanics) often take great pride in what they do as well as have a profound interest comparable topics within their industry. The Diesel Mechanic Blog was created to cover all things diesel mechanic, from understanding the efficiency of diesel engines to knowing similar heavy machinery mechanic careers.  browse the articles in this section for information that pertains to the career of a diesel mechanic, and check back often for new articles.

Diesel Mechanic Jobs Are Here to Stay

Although the job market has certainly improved recently, many of us are still searching for good, secure jobs that pay well above the current minimum wage. A job (and certainly the possibility of a career) as a Diesel Mechanic can easily check many of those boxes. Diesel mechanics have been, are, and will continue to … Continue reading

Diesel Mechanic Training – The Job Description

Before starting your Diesel Mechanic Training, it’s crucial to begin with a solid understanding of the job description, the called for job responsibilities and also any necessary skillsets needed to become one. There are many distinct career descriptions for a Diesel Mechanic depending on the specialty field in which you are applying, yet it is … Continue reading

How Diesel Mechanic Schools Work

Diesel mechanics are commonly known as bus or truck mechanics. They generally work on a wide range of diesel engines, like those found on buses, trucks, bulldozers, cranes, tractors, RVs and even trains. The work involves tuning up and maintenance, to guarantee the smooth functioning of the engine. Diesel Mechanic Schools train and prepare the … Continue reading

Importance of Scheduled Diesel Engine Maintenance

Although proper maintenance is critical for gas powered vehicles, diesel engine maintenance is almost more important. Continue reading

Heavy Equipment Mechanic Jobs: What They Are and How to Find Them

Heavy equipment mechanic jobs require specialists in the field of diesel repair. Learn more about what the job entails, and the training required to work in this field. Continue reading

Diesel Engine Parts: A General Guide to the Main Components

For you newly training diesel mechanics or diesel engine car owners, here is a general guide to some of the main diesel engine parts that you will need to be familiar with. Continue reading