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Those working with their hands (such as diesel mechanics) often take great pride in what they do as well as have a profound interest comparable topics within their industry. The Diesel Mechanic Blog was created to cover all things diesel mechanic, from understanding the efficiency of diesel engines to knowing similar heavy machinery mechanic careers.  browse the articles in this section for information that pertains to the career of a diesel mechanic, and check back often for new articles.

Need to Run a Tight Ship? Then you Need a Good Marine Diesel Mechanic

Learn more about Marine Diesel Mechanic’s, including what the job entails, the type of training required, and more. Continue reading

Diesel Technology: Past, Present and Future

Diesel technology differs from the original gasoline powered motors in the way that the fuel is ignited. A diesel engine, also called an internal combustion engine, uses highly compressed hot air for fuel ignition. Continue reading

Diesel Mechanic Tools Every Diesel Mechanic Should Own

An overview of the important tools used by deisel mechanics. If you are considering a career in this field, this post will be helpful. Continue reading

Diesel Engine Repair: Specialized Diesel Knowledge is Key

Learn more about diesel engine repair, including what is involved, knowledge required, and more. Continue reading

Duties of a Heavy Equipment Mechanic

For heavy equipment to function, a diesel mechanic with specialized education and training is needed. Cranes, bulldozers, graders, scrapers, aerial trucks, blading equipment, backhoes, and others are complex pieces of equipment that contain parts that only a heavy equipment mechanic could fix or maintain. This particular job can be quite challenging but at the same … Continue reading

Gas versus Diesel Powered Vehicles – Gas Mileage, Performance, and Efficiency

Typically, a person connects diesel gas with certain types of vehicles such as heavy equipment, semi-trucks, and other large vehicles. However, we now see an increase in standard cars that run on diesel gas opposed to conventional gasoline. This change is the result of many things and while a diesel powered engine might not be … Continue reading