Creating an Impressive Diesel Mechanic Resume

Although the market for qualified diesel mechanics is strong due to this type of work being in such high demand, it is also a very competitive market. Because there are available jobs, those with excellent opportunities, pay, and rewards, more and more people are going back to school to learn everything needed for a successful career as a diesel mechanic. That means when various job positions open, especially those with top rated companies and in specialized fields of diesel mechanic, the hiring company would have a stack of resumes to go through in finding the best candidate.

Being offered the job requires an edge and with an impressive diesel mechanic resume, the right information could be offered. Unfortunately, many people go through all the educational and training requirements to become a diesel mechanic but fail to secure a job because of a poorly created resume. This piece of paper is what makes the first impression, both good and bad. Therefore, we wanted to offer suggestions for creating an impressive diesel mechanic, helping people landing a dream job.

Educational Accomplishments

Because work as a diesel mechanic is unique, specific education is required. The goal when making an impressive diesel mechanic resume is to reveal to the hiring company that all educational requirements have been completed. As part of this, an individual would need to list the school attended, associated dates, and each course taken and passed.

In addition to listing the standard courses, it would be imperative to provide information about specialized or more advanced courses, as well as any hands-on training, internships, apprenticeships, and so on. Then, if any diplomas, certifications, or college degrees were achieved, these too should be listed.

Completed Training

Another thing a hiring company is going to look for on a diesel mechanic resume is the amount and type of training completed specific to this industry. Again, the name of the school and dates attended would need to be listed, along with any coursework, workshops, seminars, hands-on experiences, and so on. In addition to this, the training portion of the diesel mechanic resume should list diplomas, certifications, or honors earned during this time.


Although these would be associated with training to become a diesel mechanic, a great resume would list information such as the company through which the program was offered and completed, details of job functions, and length of the program. To support an internship or apprenticeship, we suggest a letter of recommendation be provided along with the diesel mechanic resume.

Work History

Now, when it comes to listing work history on a diesel mechanic resume, this would include prior and current work history specific to this industry but also anything for related fields. Also, the names of employers, contact information, dates of employment, and again, information on duties should be provided. Even if a person only had standard mechanic experience, this too should be listed.

Yes, diesel engines and standard gas powered engines are very different but typically, someone who has the aptitude for working on conventional vehicles would do well with diesel engine vehicles. The goal for this section of the resume is to provide relevant information and enough details to enhance interest of the interviewer but without listing the lesser important details, which could actually be distracting.


Just as with a normal resume, value would be added to a diesel mechanic resume by listing four to five references. In choosing these, it would be helpful to choose experts in the field of diesel mechanic work or technology. For instance, a reference could be a college or vocational school instructor, the journeyman under which an apprenticeship was completed, or the owner of a reputable mechanics shop that offers services specific to diesel engines.

Final Tips

Most importantly, when creating a diesel mechanic resume, the person must be 100% honest. The one thing that hurts job candidates more than anything is providing information that has been enhanced or embellished. Stick to the key points of education, training, experience, and work history, coupled with truthful details about types of training, work performed, and again, any achievements throughout the process.

Companies that hire diesel mechanics know what to look for and the questions to ask so usually, dishonest information stands out like a sore thumb.

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