Diesel Mechanic Jobs Are Here to Stay

Although the job market has certainly improved recently, many of us are still searching for good, secure jobs that pay well above the current minimum wage. A job (and certainly the possibility of a career) as a Diesel Mechanic can easily check many of those boxes.

Diesel mechanics have been, are, and will continue to be essential to…

  • any large company that uses diesel engine powered equipment,
  • trucking and transport companies,
  • all sizes of construction companies,
  • virtually all levels of Government (Federal, State, County, Municipal) which routinely seeking diesel mechanics to service and maintain their fleets of vehicles and equipment
  • (if you’re up for an adventure, you may even want to consider) the military which maintains its own equipment as well
  • and the list goes on…

The future for job growth seems to be bright for Diesel Mechanics with a projected national average job growth of   9% from 2012 (the government always looks back with statistics) to the year 2022. Back in 2012 there were reported approximately 250,800 Diesel related jobs. By 2022 there are projected to be another 9%, or 21,600 more Diesel Mechanic jobs for an estimated total of approximately 272,400 jobs. And with steady salary growth (more on this in other articles) it seems like a good job to be in.

Read on and explore the rest of our blog posts and videos and you can find out a lot of good useful information on exactly what a Diesel Mechanic (also described as a Diesel Service Technicians) does, what skills and education are needed, how much you can expect to make as a Diesel Mechanic and a few others things that you want to know in order help you be successful.


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