Diesel Mechanic Job Description

Because there are so many different functions and responsibilities associated with working on diesel vehicles, it is important to understand specifics about a diesel mechanic job description. This information would make it possible for people considering a career as a diesel mechanic to determine if this path were right for them or not. After all, the type of work, level of work, and even complexity of work associated with being a diesel mechanic is very different from work as a standard mechanic so it is not for everyone.

With this being a career currently in high demand but also one with a bright future, spending time to review the full diesel mechanic job description could be what encourages someone to pursue it. Although this type of job can be very challenging, it is also rewarding and a career that has excellent advancement opportunities and benefits. For someone laid off from work, a person working a dead-end job, or an individual interested in a different career path, reviewing diesel mechanic job description might confirm a match.

Job Functions

Unlike many other jobs, a diesel mechanic is responsible for a variety of job functions. Even though this job entails working on vehicles that operate on diesel engines, every day brings something new. However, the primary functions include diagnosing problems, making appropriate repairs, providing ongoing maintenance, conducting periodic testing, and other things to ensure vehicles run smoothly and safely.

While these are the main responsibilities outlined in a diesel mechanic job description, it is important to remember that this work is being performed on trucks, buses, trains, ships, heavy equipment, farming equipment, and more so work is never boring. Obviously, every type of diesel engine vehicle has a unique operation system so this individual would have the knowledge and expertise to work on whatever vehicle had been studied and trained on.

Environmentally Friendly

Diesel engine vehicles are designed to for power and durability but these engines are also made to be far more efficient, as well as environmentally efficient in comparison to vehicles that operate on gas. Therefore, a key component of the diesel mechanic job description would be maintaining engines to meet government standards of emission and other pollutants. To do this, an individual would undergo special training along with standard diesel mechanic education and training for engine work.

Dynamics of Diesel Engine Work

diesel mechanic job descriptionDrilling down in the diesel mechanic job description, this person would need to understand various system requirements such as mechanic, electronic, fuel, electrical, and pneumatic. Again, this type of work is very specialized, something that comes from attending school specific to become a diesel mechanic. With this, the individual could determine any problem and provide any fix in connection with the vehicle trained on.

In addition to type of work performed on engines, the diesel mechanic would also need to possess knowledge, experience, and expertise in operating high-tech power tools and equipment. Diesel engines are large and heavy but because of the type of vehicles, they can also be difficult to reach and work on. For this reason, repair and maintenance must be done with tools designed for the job.

Conventional Responsibilities

Along with advanced functions, the following are some of the more conventional deeds listed on a diesel mechanic job description.

Troubleshoot engine performance problems, make recommendations for repair, and create estimates based on proper diagnosis, repair, or replacement

Work directly with customers, order needed parts, coordinate efforts with various vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers, and follow up on pending parts and outsourced work

Conduct annual and routine maintenance of diesel engines

Perform some physical work to include climbing, heavy lifting, and carrying

Possible travel in some instances to reach the vehicle needing repair or maintenance, often seen in the case of trains and ships

Of course, a diesel mechanic job description would evolve along with the person’s advancing skills and desired to move up or change jobs within this industry. However, the overall work performed would be anything required on vehicles with diesel engines to ensure smooth and safe operation. After all, most vehicles worked on by a diesel mechanic are commercial, moving products and people from one point to another so downtime would have a direct impact on businesses and the economy.