Diesel Mechanic Training Details and Opportunities

To be successful in a career as a diesel mechanic, specialized education and training are mandatory. Diesel engines are much different than standard engines, being more powerful and complex. Therefore, the person who offers installation, diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance must be 100% confident in the job. With this, diesel engines for power plants, ships, trains, heavy equipment, trucks, buses, hydraulic systems, mining equipment, construction vehicles, farming equipment, and much more would be the focus.

What to Expect with Training

Specific to diesel mechanic training, certain things would be included in both coursework and hands-on experience under the guidance of a highly skilled and seasoned professional. When training has been completed, this individual would be a good position to secure a job with any one of the leading diesel engine/vehicle companies such as John Deere and Caterpillar to name a few.

As a part of a diesel mechanic training program, coursework would address many things, some of those listed below:

Diesel engines
Power trains
Engine management systems/accessories
Power, Electrical, Electronic, and Fluid Systems

During training, an individual would be introduced and then taught about engine design and theory specific to diesels, as well as cooling systems, engine performance, induction exhaust, lubrication systems, hydrostatic transmissions, heavy duty torque converters, after-treatment systems, charging systems, transport refrigeration, steering alignment, brake air systems, and power train principles along with others required to have a successful career as a diesel mechanic.

Job Opportunities after Training

Once diesel mechanic training has been completed and all examinations passed, job opportunities working in this industry would be tremendous. When choosing a school to learn about diesel engines, it is important to choose one that provides training in a variety of fields relating to mechanic work of this type. That way, securing a job as a diesel mechanic would be possible, along with many other standard diesel type jobs such as those listed.

Locomotive Maintenance
Heavy Equipment Maintenance
Fleet Maintenance
Dealership Service
Over-the-Road Truck Maintenance
Aftermarket Parts Development

Another benefit of the right diesel mechanic training is that graduates of the program would have opportunities in more specialized areas pertaining to diesel mechanic work. Some examples of these areas include:

Advanced Diesel
Applied Service Management
Automotive and Diesel Combination
High Performance Powertrain
Light Duty Diesel
Motorsports Chassis Fabrication
Street Rod/Custom Fabrication

Schools for Diesel Mechanic Training

diesel mechanic trainingThe world of diesel mechanic work is broad, making this an in-demand career but also one that offers incredible growth, as well as ongoing interest. The key with any diesel mechanic training is the school in which education and training is offered. The good news is that many exceptional schools and institutions exist, those with solid reputations. A few examples of schools we suggest people consider are provided below.

Lincoln Technical Institute – Rated as having one of the best hands-on diesel mechanic training programs in the industry

Wyotech – Based in California, this school offers a variety of rich programs, all with hands-on training opportunities

Vatterott – Whether starting a career as a diesel mechanic or trying to further an existing career, Vatterott College offers diplomas, certifications, and bachelor’s degrees specific to this industry

Advanced Technology Institute – Another one of the best diesel mechanic schools in the country, individuals have focused programs for specific careers pertaining to diesel mechanic work

New York Automotive and Diesel Institute – This is the last school we wanted to mention for diesel mechanic training, which is the only one in the state of New York that offers ASE certification

Value of Training

When looking at the vast number and type of vehicles with diesel engines that cross the countryside on a daily basis, it becomes clear just how valuable diesel mechanic training is. All of these trucks and busses serve an important service in support of businesses and the economy. The same is true for other vehicles with diesel engines, as well as heavy plants that use diesel technology for power and thereby, operation.

The bottom line is that the country would come to a standstill if it were not for highly qualified diesel mechanics. These people are the heart of what keeps industries alive so for people looking for a secure, exciting, challenging, and rewarding career with great pay, working as a diesel mechanic would be an exceptional opportunity.