Prospects for Diesel Mechanic Salary

Over the past five years or so, millions of people have been affected by a struggling economy. Although some improvement has been seen in recent months, there are still many changes needing to take place to get things back on the right track. Unfortunately, the economic downfall left people throughout the country without jobs.

Because of this, we see a vast number of people looking for a career that offers both stability and earning potential but also a job that is challenging yet rewarding. Some people who have jobs but no security have also branched out to see what other opportunities exist.

While job functions of a diesel mechanic might not be for everyone, individuals who love working with their hands, appreciate taking things apart, fixing them, and putting them back together, and those who enjoy working on engines would find a career as a diesel mechanic to be a great match. Of course, having job stability and potential for lucrative diesel mechanic salary makes this an even more attractive option.

Types of Diesel Mechanics

To learn about diesel mechanic salary, it would be necessary to understand the different types and levels of diesel mechanics. Depending on the vehicle being repaired or maintained, type of work involved, and various other dynamics, actual diesel mechanic salary would differ. For instance, one factor would be geographic location. On average, diesel mechanic salary working in large cities is significantly greater than salary for remote locations.

Keep in mind that some mechanics of this type work on trains and ships while others work on busses and trucks so it would be expected to see variances in diesel mechanic salary. Of course, the hiring company or government entity would also play a key role in the amount of earning potential a diesel mechanic would expect to make. Often, corporations have more flexibility in what they can pay whereas the government follows strict salary guidelines.

Extra Earning

In addition to base diesel mechanic salary, these professionals often earn more due to overtime. While some employers offer little overtime, others have extra work on a regular basis. Therefore, when looking at different job opportunities, the amount of hours available versus hours mandated should be a consideration. A few examples specific to diesel mechanic salary have been provided below:

Technicians and Level 1 Mechanics – Average salary is $30,000 a  year with potential for overtime between $100 and $200 a month

Level 2 Mechanics – At this level, a diesel mechanic salary would be around $40,000 a year on average but additional income in overtime and bonuses of around $300 a month

Level 3 Mechanics – Diesel mechanic salary potential for this level is approximately $48,000 but again, extra earnings in the form of overtime and even bonuses could reach upwards of $500 to $600 a month

Preparing for the Best Diesel Mechanic Salary

There are a number of things a person could do to get into a position of making the highest diesel mechanic salary possible. The most important include proper education and training. Because the details of a career such as this are so critical, possessing the right education and training would certainly give someone an advantage when securing a job also negotiation diesel mechanic salary.

Some of the most important aspects of education and training include mechanical drawing, computer skills, and metal work. Of course, the individual with knowledge of this work or even better, prior diesel mechanic experience would have the opportunity to make even more money on a salary, overtime, and bonus basis. One thing people need to remember is that while salary might be lower than wanted initially, there is tremendous growth potential for a diesel mechanic career so with hard work and continuing education, salary level would increase.

In fact, there are some mechanics that start a career off working on diesels vehicles to include ships, trains, buses, and trucks but after years on the job, move to a different position such as instructor while still in this sector. Along with earning potential working as a diesel mechanic, this career offers many benefits. As mentioned, individuals looking for work that requires focus but also one with incredible reward is what the diesel mechanic job is all about.

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